Stephen H. Crolius

Vice President

Stephen is a Vice President of Alliance Consulting Group and leads the firm's Clean Tech practice. He holds an MBA from the University of Rhode Island and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Stanford University.

In his 30 years of strategy work, Stephen has led a wide range of client engagements in the manufacturing, energy, business services, and retailing sectors.  He has helped formulate strategies for growth and diversification, gaining or retaining competitive preeminence, and new business formation in dynamic industries.

Stephen returned to Alliance Consulting Group in 2013 after six years with the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI).  He was recruited to CCI to lead the Purchasing Consortium, an undertaking that involved negotiating forward pricing arrangements with suppliers of clean tech products based on parallel efforts to mobilize demand.  (The work of Stephen and his colleagues was the subject of a cover story in the Atlantic Monthly.)

Stephen went on to lead CCI’s Transportation Program and fostered the Program’s focus on reducing the carbon-intensity of transportation fuels and propulsion systems.  The Program was an early proponent of electric vehicles and contributed significantly to the fast starts achieved by electric vehicles in Los Angeles, London, and Hong Kong.  Advancing the electrification of heavy-duty vehicles was another area of success, as CCI’s Hybrid/Electric Bus Test Program has had a far-reaching impact on bus markets in Latin America.

Stephen has been involved in the sustainability efforts of many companies.  From 2007 to 2013 he was a member of a group that advised Wal-Mart’s sustainability program.  He has been a frequent speaker and panelist at alternative transportation and advanced energy conferences.

Earlier in his career Stephen was a Partner at Telesis-Towers Perrin and held senior positions at The Boston Consulting Group.